24 March 2008

Berlin Revisted

22 May - 26 May 2008
No pictures from this trip as Kirsty the procrastinator has still not managed to buy a usb cable for her camera. So for the pictures from the sailing trip on the Berlin river you will have to use your imagination.
Thursday - Spee bar 3/5
Friday - Waltzerlinks 4/5
Saturday - La GloriBeta 3/5
Saturday - Rixdorf 5/5
Sunday - Tangoloft 1/5
Great weekend included two new milongas for me, the premier of Berlin's outdoor milonga La GloriBeta in kreuzberg and also Thursday at Spree bar (Osthaufen) by the river. Rixdorf remains by far the best milonga in my humble opinion while Tangoloft just goes worse and worse the aternative music they play has now gone totally 'whacky' and if you are lucky you might get two traditional tandas, still the food is good! Next stop Buenos Aires...

Malmö Festival - The END

A fantastic week full of inspirational workshops and fanastic dances is over...the Malmö Tango Festival 2008 has drawn to a close. Tango of international quality arrived on our doorstep last Wednesday and we were treated to 5 days of top quality dances and dancers.
*No more deciphering the metaphorical language of Thierry Le Cocq as he explains the intricate details of the milonguero
*No more amazing dances with internation dancers of high quality
*No more delicious vegan dinners made by my imported Stockholm chef Julia and her willing apprentice Anna
*No more after milonga morning tea before bed as we sit up until 0600 chatting about the nights events
*No more Kirsty moaning about the weather, having to smoke outside and her lack of sleep
I am now in the stage of tango depression... so there is only one cure... find my credit card, surf and book... I have just booked two new tango trips Liepzig in April and Berlin in May

16 March 2008

Back to Baires

Well the flight is booked to Buenos Aires on Friday 13th June (Yes I know it is an unlucky day to fly and I know I will be swapping the Swedish summer for the Argentine Winter - but who cares when you are in he heart of tango)
2 weeks intensive training with Caro Calas (again) and no doubt lots of shoe shopping with Johanna.
A table is booked with Cecilia, Cinthya and Pablo at restaurant Reencuentro in Palermo on Saturday 14th before the milongas. And a week later at the same restaurant with Luba :)