15 August 2008

Notti Di Ferragosto

Ferragosto is an Italian holiday celebrated on August 15. In present days, Ferragosto is mainly a short holiday where Italian people have short vacations and head to the beach. In our case it was for all night tango. After the main milonga at Portali we headed to Azzuro La Plaza and danced until well after sunrise with ths smoky top of Mount Etna on one side of us and the gorgeous warm sea on the other side. After which it ws time for an early morning dip and a late breakfast of Brioche and Sorbet before retiring for the day - when in Sicily do as the Sicilians do!

14 August 2008

Lido Azzuro Milonga

A picture paints a thousand words! I will let the photos do the talking.

Pablo y Noelia

Fantastic workshops with Pablo Rodrigues and Noelia Hurtado:
giros conenrosques, lapices y sacadas
milonga traspie
juegos milongueros, caminatas y contratiempos

Tonight they are performing at the milonga at Lido Azzuro.

Here is some info... check you tube for videos.


In 2007 they were selected as Metropolitan Champions of Tango Salon of Buenos Aires and Metropolitan Sub-Champions of Milonga.
Noelia and Pablo made an intense investigation with important milonga professors acquiring the style and forms of tango as a popular dance as well as the new tendencies thus merging the traditional essence with modern tango. They combine the attributes of Villa Urquiza tango and milonga with new elements and techniques of contemporary tango. This couple builds an elegant style with the strength of traditional tango, great musicality and movement dynamic.

10 August 2008

Sicily no bags agaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiin!

Caminato Festival, Catania, Sicily. 9 - 18 August 2008

Can lightning strike twice? Well with me it can! I arrived safely in Sicily after a long day of cancelled flights and rerouting but low and behold my bag has gone AWOL (absent without leave). History seems to be repeating itself but this time it is even worse as it is on the way out not on the way home! Luckily I had bought a couple of t-shirts at the airport as I had a strange feeling something would go wrong after the cancelled flight. The first milonga at the Excelsior hotel was danced in normal 'sneakers'... please say a prayer for me that the bag arrives before tonight's dance.
Now I am off to buy some toileteries and swim shorts but Kirsty says they only sell Speedo's here as the men like to show off their tackle - so Simon may be joining the macho Sicilian speedo club - check back later for photo evidence!

Stockholm 59

A flying visit to Stockholm this time...taking in the first 3 days of the Tango 59 festival. Verdict- Unbelievable! Shame I had to leave early but the warmth of Sicily was calling. Not many photos from Stockholm due to intense dancing, sorry but I had to prioritise! Looking forward to the next visit up north to the Otono weekend at the end of October.

05 August 2008

Happy as Bunnies

Now I am as happy as a bunny
all luggage has been found and returned to the rightful owners including Johanna's mountain of 'comme il faut' and my giant strawberry and woolly hat from salta
Johanna on the other hand is suffering form CPBATS Chronic Post Buenos Aires Traumatic Syndrome and the only cure seems to ne a one way ticket back down south.