05 July 2007

Living room Practica

Why do I have a coffee table, armchair and foot stool if all they ever do is get pushed up against the living room walls? It has become essential to have as much free floor space in my apartment as possible. My 'living room practica' is open 24/7 Monday evenings, Wednesday afternoons, Thursday mornings but most frequently in the small hours as my weary body comes home from dancing out-and-about and my brain says just one more Tanda. The tango drug addiction gives energy and extreme pleasure with the bearable side-effects of sleep depravation and an empty living room.

02 July 2007

Sitges soon!

After a fantastic intensive long weekend at Tylösand it was back to basics in Malmö as I took 4 basic workshops to brush up on my skills ahead of the highlight of the summer in Sitges. Last year Sitges was a well-kept secret but now it seems like the cat is out of the bag as half of Malmö seems to be descending on the quaint Spanish resort not to mention all the other tango freaks from around the world. To refresh your memory of the festival here are some photos from last year's beach tango