28 March 2007


This evening we danced to the silent tune of SILENCIO in the ampitheatre of Pildams park in Malmö.
We couldn't wait for Blue Sky tango and the dance by the sea at the West Harbour so on Pixie's initiative we took my I pod and two sets off ear plugs and danced in the park. Spectators soon appeared and were curious to see two people dancing to no music (at least no music that they could hear. We began to feel sorry for all those who could not hear the angelic tones of Vargas or the wonderful rhythm of Biagi, not to mention Gotan Project and Canaro so we plugged in the loudspeakers and carried on dancing. A wonderful spring evening in Malmö all thanks to Pixie!!

If you want to join us next time, hop along to claus ohlsson and buy a double earplug adaptor for 35kr.

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