05 July 2007

Living room Practica

Why do I have a coffee table, armchair and foot stool if all they ever do is get pushed up against the living room walls? It has become essential to have as much free floor space in my apartment as possible. My 'living room practica' is open 24/7 Monday evenings, Wednesday afternoons, Thursday mornings but most frequently in the small hours as my weary body comes home from dancing out-and-about and my brain says just one more Tanda. The tango drug addiction gives energy and extreme pleasure with the bearable side-effects of sleep depravation and an empty living room.

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Kimberly said...

Wow, you are really intense about it. I did hear before that Tango is such a sensual dance that everybody feel good when they practise it. When I travelled to Argentina, I got one of those apartments in Buenos Aires that also had a big spacious livingroom. I decided I wanted to take tango lessons and I did. I think I´ve been happier ever since, because I found somemething I´m actually goot at!