16 September 2007

Warsaw Festival

An intensive, enjoyable, eventful weekend with many unexpected suprises and events Living in Malmö it is easy and very cheap to travel to Warsaw to dance tango - for example, the return flight is less than the fare to Stockholm (unless you are like Pixie and book your train ticket 6 months in advance. So my trip to Warsaw was long overdue and what better time to visit than the last weekend in September for the festival. Having booked my trip I was happy to find out that one of my favourite teachers was at the festival and not only that but he was only teaching milonga. This gave me the 'röda tråd' that I find is missing at (most)festival workshops. The chance to go deeper and build on previous workshops and expand your dance all under the watchful eye of the same teacher. I took all the milonga classes at all levels with Diego'El parajo'& Victoria. The milongas were a joy to be at. Even if the Thursday venue was not ideal and the floor quite bad the dances and music more than made up for it. The Friday and Saturday milongas were more plush, being held in a beautiful old building and the dances were second to none. Unfortunately I had to fly back on Sunday and miss the last evening of the festival, but it was good to go out on a high. I will have to plan better next year to include the Sunday milonga. All in all it was a great festival to end a perfect tango summer! (Sorry no photos - too busy dancing)

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