14 August 2008

Pablo y Noelia

Fantastic workshops with Pablo Rodrigues and Noelia Hurtado:
giros conenrosques, lapices y sacadas
milonga traspie
juegos milongueros, caminatas y contratiempos

Tonight they are performing at the milonga at Lido Azzuro.

Here is some info... check you tube for videos.


In 2007 they were selected as Metropolitan Champions of Tango Salon of Buenos Aires and Metropolitan Sub-Champions of Milonga.
Noelia and Pablo made an intense investigation with important milonga professors acquiring the style and forms of tango as a popular dance as well as the new tendencies thus merging the traditional essence with modern tango. They combine the attributes of Villa Urquiza tango and milonga with new elements and techniques of contemporary tango. This couple builds an elegant style with the strength of traditional tango, great musicality and movement dynamic.


Martine said...

Dear Simon,

Do you know if Pablo and Noelia are in Buenos Aires at the moment? Are they teaching somewhere?

Thanks for helping!


sjf said...

Yes they have just gone back to Buenos Aires - not sure if they are teaching or on holiday. You cn find Noelia on facebook