26 June 2009

All quiet on the blog front

We have now been here 2 weeks and e-mails have been dropping in complaining about the lack of blog activity. Well, to keep you all happy I promise to upload a few posts this weekend.
The schedule is very hectic here with tango classes, private lessons, practising in the studio, pilates and all the milongas until the early hours. We have taken lessons in Milonguero style, Villa Urquiza style but have now settled with our original choice of teacher and style as it suits us more and is more flexible for us. So until futher notice OC will be our chosen maestro, it is still close embrace but with a slightly modern twist - if we now have to define it and put a label on it!
Johanna is alive and well eating like horse, sleeping like a log and dancing non-stop.
Current shoe score:
Johanna 3 Simon 2
Stay tuned for more updates...

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