27 June 2009

Fixing game!

Dancing with intermediate level dancers has taken on a new meaning and has become much more fun - as I now incorporate the 'fixing game'.
OC said to me that a couple of years ago he danced a tanda with a relative beginner and had fun (what he meant was - she was young and good looking) so later he asked her to dance again and she said NO. he found out from a friend that she said she didn't like his dance to which he said 'WHHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT THE F**k'. The reason was that due to her low level she made a lot of mistakes and didn't like to be seen making mistakes, so she blamed him. What he should have done and what he does now is 'FIX' and so he incorporated the 'Fixing Game'.
The idea is to correct the mistake before it happens. To not let the girl know that they have made a mistake but instead make them believe that they have invented a new step/move. This is very difficult and taxing on the brain but when it works it is great. Before I would get stuck and be making lots of pauses trying to get the follower back on track or be stopping and wondering what the hell is she doing. Now I am alert to her every move, knowing at every moment where she is, being alert, ready to implement the contingency plan at any given moment - or at least that is the idea. My 'Fixing' skills are at an elemenary level but something I am know working on extensively and it has brought a new element into the dance.
Sometimes, however, no amount of fixing can repair the dance. Last night at La Viruta,or this morning at 0552 to be precise, I had just come off the dance floor after a tanda when I heard the start of the last 2 songs. I quickly looked for a new dance partner to dance the last 2 songs with (at La vriuta the tradition is that the second to last song is played in the dark and the last song is played with all the light on). In the dark I found someone who wanted to dance but as soon as she walked to the dance floor I could see from her body language that she was a beginner. OK, I thought time to play the 'fixing game'. But, NO NO NO this girl was broken and could not be fixed. Her left leg was constantly in the air trying some strange form of voleo, I could not for the life of me get her to put her left foot on the floor. it was like dancing with a one-legged girl. After what seemed like an eternity the song was over and I quickly said 'muchas gracias' and ran away before the lights came on and somebody saw us hopping around, shame on me!!

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