06 July 2010

Barrio Chino

If you get tired of the empanadas, media lunas, pasta, pizza and parillas head of down to Belgrano and visit Barrio Chino - which is actually just 2 small streets. It is one of the smallest China towns I have seen but it still has all the most essential items. Soya milk, tofu, quinoa, miso, tahini, peanut butter, nuts, seeds, obscure vegetables, and off the shelf sushi - basically all the items you won't find in a normal Argentinian supermarket.
You can find Barrio Chino in front of La Glorietas outdoor milonga just on the other side of the rail tracks.


Debbi said...

ah! Barrio Chino! My favorite place to shop! There is a marvelous tea house at the end of the street called Buddha Bar, you should check it out. :-)

Simon said...

will do next week, thanks Debbi :)