05 July 2010

Veggie Paradise

Even if Argentina is reknowned for its meat and parrillas it is also a haven for vegetarians with more and more dedicated veggie restaurants popping up all the time especially in Palermo where there is even a raw food bar. Even the parrillas can offer great alternatives if you order from the side dishes. Spring vegetarian is a must with over 120 vegetarian dishes on their buffet to choose from, you can easily get dazzled by the vast choice. But the best so far has to be the 'tenedor libre' Marini Gourmet at sante fe 3666 near to scalabrini ortiz. It is not exclusively vegetarian but has more than enough for us herbivores, with different food stations where they individually prepare your own dish as you wait. Just make sure you are hungry when you arrive. A dedicated list of veggie eateries will be posted later.

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