09 July 2010

The right mix

Not much time for updates as the days just seem to disappear.
We are still trying to juggle the days and the nights and to get the right mix of milongas and taking lessons and training. There are just not enough hours in the day.
Each time I come to Buenos Aires my favourite nights and favourite milongas change as new milongas start and people change the places they go to. But some, of course, remain constant favourites like Canning. Wednesdays and Thursdays are my least favourite evenings at the moment as there is no clear favourite place for me to head to. For example, on Thursday there is one place I like which has a lot of people but the music leaves a lot to be desired and the dance flow is non-existent and scrappy to say the least, last night it made me feel that I should have stayed home and rested for the next day of lessons.

The training is going well with private lessons and training almost every day. As Ney Melo says ‎"There will never be a step, sequence, or trick in tango that will come close to matching the power of the embrace." So as always I have gone back to basics to improve the embrace, walk and the lead and to make adjustments and improvements to the existing dance. Another element I am working on is training to see options and possibilities in every step, to be able to see the different alternatives at each step, which is essentially a crossroads that leads to a new route. This is a mathematical approach designed to implement more variety into the dance, I was never any good at maths at school so I wonder how this is going to progress.

Trying to get the right mix of day and night is tricky, as you can't burn the candles at both ends, at least not for a month. I am still hoping to get to Carlos and Rosa's practica at Sunderland, which I have heard so much about, and from next week we will introduce a new teacher into the mix, so maybe one of the evenings will have to be sacrificed? Looks like Wednesday or Thursday at the moment, but who knows a week is a long time in Buenos Aires anything can happen.

Other news
Shoes bought: Simon 2 Karolina 2
LMDC condoms have now been placed stategically at milongas in Buenos Aires
Everybody is missing La Bambi

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