24 December 2006

La Viruta goes D.I.S.C.O

Right smack bang in the middle of the milonga last night at La viruta the tango music stopped, the evening metamorphised into crappy 1980´s EuroTrash and out of the woodwork crawled the most uncoordinate, gangly, embarassing misfits that you can every imagine. They took over the dance floor with their swaying arms and gangly legs missing the beats of Erasure, Ottowan, Fine Young Cannibals, Bronski Beat, Kajagoogoo and such like. If Tango is the epitome of sensuality, elegance and style then this ´happening´must be the opposite pole. Luckily order resumed after about 45 minutes and the misits crawled back into the woodwork. Here is a sample of what we had to put up with:
D.I.S.C.O. She is disco She is D disasters She is I impossible She is S super special She is Crazy, crazy She is O oh, oh, oh

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Anonymous said...

the girls even dance round their handbags in the europop section...