17 December 2006

Rain, Rain, Rain

It´s raining it´s pouring (the old man is snoring, he banged his head when he went to bed and he won´t get up in the morning) - the outdoor milonga was cancelled so La viruta was the place to be on Saturday. A great venue close to home packed with hundreds of dancers and Heineken in 1 litre bottles - Oh no! ....I was just savouring being over 13000km from home on the other side of the planet, where nobody knows me, when I noticed a guy standing at the side of the table staring at me - I thought I had taken his place but when I looked up it was Ruben(cito). I had been found in the vast sprawling city of Buenos Aires. He eagerly told me that he had big news that Natalia (ponchik) is flying here on Tuesday - he looked dismayed when I told him I had already heard the news. Who needs CNN and BBC for breaking news when you have the Pixie?


Tatjana said...

hey you, i'm WORSE than CNN. And your cats are crazy. Me and Sol are laughing all the time. She fell asleep in the Sofa, and was there all night I left MEAT in your fridge. So there will be lots of "whoslept in my bed, whoate my porridge?" when you come home.

simon in buenos aires said...

I know who hasn´t slept in my bed...poor little Vishnu he has been kicked out - hope he slept on Sol on the sofa!