22 December 2006

Talking in the Lift?

Talk about Culture Shock! I got in the lift yesterday to go to the 9th floor and a neighbour got in going to the 5th floor. By the time he got out he knew my name where I was from, why I was in Buenos Aires we talked about Tango, Football, Man Utd, Racing Club, the rise and fall of David Beckham, discussed the performances of Argentina and England in the World Cup and then he had to get out on his floor - and all with my atrocious Pidgen Spanish (there was lots of Si, Claro, No Entiendo and Quizas coming from my side) - the point is I have lived in Sweden 6 years and still don´t know the names of my neighbours as it is a carnal sin to utter a word in a lift in Sweden! Viva Argentina and all other sociable societies!

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