19 December 2006

Schedule Complete!

I thought this was going to be a holiday but little did I know that I will be working harder then ever. Had my first Spanish lesson today and have another 30 hours booked in with a private teacher - no excuses now for my Spanish to be worse than Pixie´s Belgrade English!
Tango group classes will be at DNI Pablo & Dana´s school with private 1-1 training with Sebastian & Eugenia at the same school.
Feels good to have got all the arrangements sorted out!
Oh look at the time 2330 time to enjoy the last of my birthday we are off for a bite to eat and dance at La Catedral Milonga! Quote from Lonely Planet "If Tango can be hip and trendy, this is where you´ll find it. A hazy air and funky art on the walls make this more of a party"


Tatjana said...

Sounds cool. So were there any Ezequiels or other lamb meat?

Guess my Belgrade english will improve as I'll go to Belgrade on Saturday!

simon in buenos aires said...

It was amazingly ??? different! unique venue in a kind of old warehouse off the beaten track, not advertised in any of the tango guides and lots of bohemic lamb meat for you!

Tatjana said...

mmmm that sounds great. There is none in Malmö at the moment you see.