07 January 2007

Osvaldo and Coca

Last Wednesday at La Nacional, I was witness to an amazing dance from Osvaldo and Coca, World Champions in Tango de Salon -they danced to the fantastic sad, melancholy, beautiful Tango 'Poema' by the orchestra of Francisco Canaro.
Osvaldo and Coca are 69 years old. In 2004 they participated, along with 665 couples, in the Metropolitan Championship of Tango Salon of the City of Buenos Aires, and won first place. Osvaldo was a brilliant dancer from a very young age. After marrying, the couple did not dance for thirty years, until six years ago when they returned to the dancefloor and became a legend. Osvaldo is proud of his nickname, "Honey Feet", which refers to his smooth steps. He
says: "When I walk on to the dancefloor I close my eyes. When I open them, the floor is completely red, filled with fragile red hearts. I step among them delicately, so as not to break them."

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