03 January 2007

Rain Glorious Rain!

The rain is a welcome break from the hot humid days, it clears the air and is very refreshing. Summer showers and storms are common place, the only downside is trying to find a taxi once there is a downpour.


Pix and Annamary said...

The winter rain is not that welcome....
I love dancing cats! Miss Vishnu, but guess he's well taken care of by lady Marie.
Tonight I will probably go to the practica in Sofielund for the first time in my life, and tomorrow for the tango ball in Helsingborg.
Counting the days to go home now, are you?... ;)

simon in buenos aires said...

I was at HBG last year with H it was good! Hope you want to go out and dance when I am home tex CPH I am addicted more than ever now! Not long left but I am making most of it lesson now and then 2 hours private lessons with Caro See you soon Abrazo S