07 January 2007

Play the Music and Let us Dance...

Last night´s Milonga was a huge disappointment.
Constant interruptions for shows from different dancers, folklore music interruptions, rock n roll (a la la viruta) and to top it all a raffle that took forever because the people who had the winning tickets had already gone home - no wonder!
Arriving late after La Glorieta and a feat on Provleta we expected 3 hours of pure dance before the place closed at 0500. The truth was in 2 1/2 hours I managed just 3 tandas and I was dancing as much as possible. My new tango shoes will get dusty at this rate - roll on tonight, I think I will place safe and go to Canning or El Beso!
(I won´t mention it´s name for fear of upseting some people but Kirsty knows which one it was as she went last week and said it was C***)

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Maria said...

You´re a funny guy, Simon. I like your blog and look forward to meet you and dance tangowith you soon.